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Conductive Bulk Bags

Conductive bags are the best answer to the serious fire or an explosion or an electrostatic discharge caused due to static electricity created by bulk material during filling and discharging as these are 100 % checked and labelled for its conductivity. These are 3 types of conductive bulk packaging products: Type B, C and D FIBCs. The bags are unaffected by humidity or age and thus are the best option for transportation purpose and storage requirements. Moreover, these even provide a complete Faraday cage on proper usage. The lift loops of these bags also contain conductive threads or filaments with a resistance to the grounding point of less than 108.

While filling bulk materials, these can create static electricity during filling as well as discharging processes that may cause electrostatic discharge in bags or on surface. The presence of flammable dust/gas in atmosphere during filling and discharging process can also cause serious fire/an explosion. For preventing such dangers, we offer conductive (antistatic) FIBCs bags that are ideal for packaging processes. Here, our rich industry experience allows us to successfully handle requirements of Conductive Bags which are also called groundable bags.

Here, we offer 3 types of conductive bulk packaging products. These include:
  • Type B FIBC
  • Type C FIBC
  • Type D FIBC

Here, we ensure that every conductive bag produced is 100 % checked as well a labelled for its conductivity. You are requested to ask our sales specialists the right conductive / antistatic bulk bag range that is ideal for your needs.

Here, we ensure that every conductive bag produced is 100 % checked as well a labelled for its conductivity. You are requested to ask our sales specialists the right conductive / antistatic bulk bag range that is ideal for your needs.

The details of the range offered include :

Conductive Bulk Bags (Type-B Bulk Bag):
  • These FIBC bags can hold (absorb) static electricity inside of bags up to 6 KV
  • If static electricity discharge is higher than 6 kV, it overflows to outside of FIBC
  • Made from Type B conductive FIBCs, these are made from special fabric

Conductive / Groundable Bulk Bags (Type-C Bulk Bag):
  • These Type C bags are made entirely from conductive fabric/non-conductive fabric with interconnected conductive threads/filaments
  • These FIBC Type C are provided with grounding point to which all conductive panels/threads/filaments are electrically bonded
  • The resistance to grounding point from anywhere on conductive fabric as well as from conductive threads/filaments need to be less than 108
  • Lift loops (of FIBC Type C must also feature conductive threads/filaments that have resistance to grounding point of less than 108

Static Dissipative / Conductive Bulk Bags (Type-D):
These are first true Type D fabric to appear in market place since early 1990's to meet the growing needs for ungrounded static protective solutions for bulk packaging applications. Its reputable safety record with over 500 leading companies worldwide preferring FIBCs manufactured fabric for their static bulk bag packaging requirements show the quality standards delivered by us.
  • The type D bulk bags are manufactured using fabrics that feature use of static dissipative threads having properties to control discharge incendivity
  • Not requiring grounding during use, these Type D bags are more practical than groundable bags and with the special construction of these Type D fabrics eliminating need of earth connection during filling as well as discharging of materials

Why type D?
  • Unlike Type C, Type D FIBC does not require grounding
  • These can be used for transportation of flammable powders or where flammable solvents/gases are present around FIBC
  • Type D FIBC provides safety standards that are equal to grounded Type C FIBC without involvement of human error risk factor
  • Type D fabric permits dissipation of charges into atmosphere by corona discharge that is form of electrostatic discharge with low energy, unlike sparks/brush discharges and does not give way to ignition of flammable/explosive atmosphere

If he surface of Type D FIBC is contaminated/coated by conductive material (like water, oil) spark discharges may occur, hence:
  • Precautions need to be taken to prevent surface contamination
  • No presence of conductive objects like metal items and tools should be placed on FIBC
  • All conductors in presence of flammable/explosive atmospheres should be grounded

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